Friendmendations 10.18.21

The actual worst person you know, Coldplay being sincere and corny and good, baby pumpkinhead

Friendmendations 10.18.21

By the time you're reading this, I will have watched the first episode of season three of Succession. Momentous! Let's appreciate Ben Cahn's "Succession but everyone wants some of Logan's M&Ms" in honor of the occasion, unless you don't watch Succession, in which case that sketch will be meaningless.

In case you missed it, paying subscribers got a bonus post last week where I talked about how I've been overwhelmed since birth, and everyone got access to the Wednesday post about a TikTok influencer remaking a 90s teen comedy. (You can keep up with updates by following the Friendmendations Instagram.) Other than that, I've been dividing my time somewhat evenly between spiraling about my future, actually searching for jobs, finding/picking up/disassembling and moving/reassembling/organizing a big wardrobe I found for free on Facebook Marketplace, and recovering in bed from a fever for days on end. For all of the above reasons, this week's recs are a little light. If you're mad about that, you can send me $5,000 and then I promise I'll spend WAY more time finding dumb internet stuff for the newsletter.

YouTube distractions

I've recommended Jenny Nicholson's channel before and I don't like to repeat recs, but I already said this week was sparse. And she dropped a takedown of Dear Evan Hansen that is OVER AN HOUR LONG, attention must be paid! Todd in the Shadows also put out an extra-long episode this week – how considerate of me and my convalescence.

While I'm repeating recs: I made this pumpkin soup again and it is stupid easy and stupid delicious, and I also made this pumpkin smoothie when I was too weak and feverish to cook anything real.


Ridiculous TikToks of the week

okay bye i love you all please let me know if you have any leads on freelance/contract copywriting gigs kthnxbye!

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