Friendmendations 8.10.21

Friendmendations 8.10.21

Hello! As of this week, I officially no longer have a day job. Also my lease is up September 1 and my roommate is leaving the city, so I have to find a new career, apartment, and roommate. I should also start paying closer attention to news about the Delta variant instead of anxiously avoiding it. In all ways except physical, I am the "this is fine" dog.

Things are finer than usual, though, because I'm house-sitting at a lovely place in the suburbs. It feels like a little vacation between my old job and the chaos I'm about to jump into. I've been rewatching a lot of old faves – Rebecca (1940), The Jerk, a double feature of EMMA. (2020) and Clueless – and also stuff I should have seen before, like Magic Mike and 30 Rock. ("Hey, Allison, that sure sounds like avoidance behavior!" I mean yeah, maybe. Probably. Definitely.)

I'm going to buckle down and get my head in the game. I promise. In the meantime: guess what! It's recs!

Another thing I watched

From what I understand, Uncut Gems is a serious turn from a goofy comedian playing a character who's reckless and in over his head in an anxiety-inducing pressure cooker of a film. I will not watch Uncut Gems because of the anxiety-inducing part, so I guess you could say The Polka King is my Uncut Gems. It technically has the aforementioned qualities, but it's much sillier and lighter. It's about 10% stress, which is exactly as much as I can handle right now.

My brother recommended it to me and I went into it knowing nothing, which is a great way to approach it! (I would embed the trailer here, but it gives away all of the twists and many of the best jokes.) It's a wild true story that would make a great double feature with another wild adaptation of a true story starring Jack Black, Bernie.


Beefcake Swimwear

I got so many responses to my bathing suit manifesto! The people are fed up!! Here are some of the recommendations I got for more functional swimsuits:

Other stuff

Okay, them's the recs for this week. See you again for the essay post and I'll see some of you behind the paywall for a bonus post. Thank you for reading!!

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