Friendmendations 9.16.19

here's to you, my subscribers all, friendmendations turns its lonely eyes to you

Friendmendations 9.16.19

Hey, all! I really hope you’re enjoying the newsletter. I’m having such a good time writing it. All subscribers can leave comments at the bottom, so let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover or a category you’re in need of a recommendation for.

Okay, onward! I didn’t try to come up with a theme for this week’s recommendations (nor do I usually) but two emerged anyway: BoJack Horseman co-stars and Eurotripping.

Europe up first

Shoutout to my friend Morgan here, because he shared this great piece with me - evocative photos from LIFE magazine’s 1970 photo essay on travelers backpacking around Europe!

Something cool, like a cigarette

I quote this all the time, sometimes even alone in my house to myself.

This is a weird read, of course.

I absolutely adore Amy Sedaris, and this list of things she can’t live without offers so many different glimpses into her kooky life.

Kryolan Tear Stick

If you put this Kryolan under your eye, you automatically cry. I gift it to teens, because it’s just a blast to use.

Pastel Pink Fake Cake

I used to make fake cakes. Now I usually buy them.
Paul F. Tompkins, bless

If you’re feeling remotely down, Paul F. Tompkins improvising a bunch of songs based on custom vanity plates should help cheer you up. It always works for me.

I am upset by how much I like this cover

(I only know the original from commercials for those country compilation albums that used to play all the time in the 90s. Sadly this one does not fit into either of the two themes I noticed when putting these all together.)

Let’s end on a comic because that’s always fun! Have a great week and please share the newsletter if you have friends who you think would like it! Also, go out to the movie theater and see Hustlers. That’s just one free bonus rec for you because you deserve that joy in your life.