Music genres that could be real

A SPECIAL GUEST POST by Allison's brother Brian!

Music genres that could be real

Hey y’all! Allison here. I am FINE but I got a concussion on Tuesday and the doctor told me not to perform any strenuous cognitive activity while I’m recovering. It turns out that writing with a mild concussion is a bit strenuous, as I learned when I attempted it.

I’m fine! I’m taking the day off to watch TV on the couch and not think at all. In my absence, please enjoy a guest post by my brother Brian!

The realest genres
Dj, Turntable, Scratching, Music, Hang Up, Disco
  • psychedelic ragtime
  • australian kpop
  • post-wiggles children core
  • arhythmic scat
  • tuvan throat crooning
  • dad trap
  • adult thrash
  • overground hip-hop
  • urban keith
  • math rock christmas carols
  • trip-hop trap lindy hop type beats
  • lofi underground watergate tapes
  • gregorian chiptune
  • ASMR / black metal fusion
  • acoustic theremin
  • solo piano / solo piano fusion (so that there are two pianos)
  • downtempo speedmetal

bronze age hip-hop

Brian is a real musician who performs as astronaut club and in the band tiger oil. He has been my brother since 1995, and you should follow him on Twitter.