Nothing surprises me about that evil dumbass

There is nothing new to learn about Donald Trump!!!

Nothing surprises me about that evil dumbass

Wow, did Donald Trump refuse to denounce white supremacy at the debate? Boy, that’s really gonna change some hearts and minds. That’s a new low for him, probably.

Just kidding, obviously, this fucking idiot gained notoriety in politics by insisting that our first Black president wasn’t born here. He announced his candidacy by calling Mexican people rapists. He placed full-page ads in four major newspapers demanding the death penalty for five POC teens in fucking 1989. White supremacy is his entire deal and it always has been!!!!

Oh, but did you hear that he didn’t pay his taxes? That’s a real shocker, right? Not really, no. He refused to release his tax returns during the 2016 election. It was always pretty clear that that was the reason. I’m really glad that journalists hunted down the specifics so we have a verifiable record, but those specifics don’t feel like new information.

I haven’t been able to engage with these discussions for… maybe since his presidency started. Any time I’m on the phone with a relative and they said “Wow, did you see that news about Trump?” I have no answer besides “Okay? We knew that already. Nothing can surprise me about him,” and then I just scream until the subject is changed.

We knew everything about him by the time he secured the nomination. Even hearing him on a hot mic joking about sexual assault wasn’t remotely shocking! He was previously on the record bragging about walking into the dressing rooms at Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants while the contestants were naked, and he’s said arguably more disturbing things about his own daughter.

The last time that I was genuinely surprised by a revelation about this openly racist, sexist, stupid, rude, loud, irredeemable person was a Twitter thread pointing out that he stockpiles Sudafed from the U.K. That specifically might not actually mean anything, but it did make me notice how often his pupils are dilated to all fuck.

Regardless, the facts remain as clear as ever. If you support him, you’re either willing to overlook the racism so you can get a tax cut or you like the racism. Either way, you’re racist. I don’t care what else comes out about this asshole. That’s been true since day one.

He is the single worst human that our country has ever produced, by which I mean that he does not have a single positive quality that could excuse any of the benefit of the doubt that so many people continue to give him. With Trump, there is truly nothing there. He’s not a polite, folksy kind of evil like George W. Bush. Even Charles Manson had musical talent that could appeal to some people under some circumstances. He’s blatantly corrupt, openly aligned with white supremacist groups, effusively admiring of dictators. He’s not hiding shit.

Anyway, I feel like I’m losing my fucking mind 24/7. With Trump actively calling for a white supremacist group to “stand by” for further instructions and signing up his followers to join the “Army for Trump,” the story should be that things are escalating and about to get very dangerous.

And yet it’s not! It’s 2016 all over again, with bland headlines about how both candidates got some barbs in. It feels like I’ve been watching someone pour gasoline all over the periphery of the house, and now that’s finally chucked a match on it, everyone else at the party is standing around saying “You know, I think that guy might have some arsonist tendencies. He wouldn’t renounce the idea of arson, when asked.” NO SHIT, Y’ALL, THE TIME TO WORRY ABOUT THAT HAS LONG PASSED. WHY ARE YOU NOT RUSHING TO SAVE YOURSELVES AND OTHERS AND PUT OUT AS MUCH OF THE FIRE AS POSSIBLE?!

I’ll be voting early and in-person. I’m phone banking this week and trying to GOTV as much as I can. I guess I’m writing this on the off-chance that we’re the victors here and get to choose how history is told. Should future generations actually exist, I want it on the record that all of this was painfully obvious at the time.

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