Here are some things. Should that just be the tagline for the whole deal?


Hello, my precious apricots. Want to spend time on the Internet?

This video inspires me to be more creative!

Lisa Hanawalt is SO TALENTED AND FUNNY. She’s an artist, the designer and a producer on BoJack Horseman, the showrunner of Tuca and Bertie (which hadn’t yet aired at the time of this talk), and one half of the great podcast Baby Geniuses. I love this talk because she’s charming and beautiful, but also because she talks about making stuff even if you’re an anxious mess. Which is quite tailored to me, personally!

This is a creepy lil music video for a catchy song!

I don’t love all creepy things, but this is just the right amount of creepy in my personal opinion.

The past! I don’t get it!

Here’s Adweek rounding up some vintage cocaine advertisements. Because cocaine was just a normal thing you could make ads about in the 70s! How dare our parents ever tell us anything we’re doing is wrong.

Recipe time!

In my opinion, most mug cakes are absolutely fucking disgusting and anyone who says otherwise is delusional and sad. The reason for this is eggs. Using a whole egg in one little mug-sized cake serving makes no sense, right off the bat, and microwaving an egg is obviously a recipe for disaster. The solution is vegan mug cakes. The problem with this route is that they can have a lot of weird ingredients. This one is the only good one. If you’re a person who keeps a nondairy milk on hand, you surely have all of the ingredients already, which is good because the point of a mug cake is when you’re craving something sweet right the fuck now. I guess I can just say it’s for when you’re on your period, right? We’re all in agreement on the purpose here?

Read about Beyoncé

IMO, “Learning to Be Beyoncé from Her Terrible Father” is one of the definitive pieces of writing on Bey because it explains so much. She really only ascended to Universally Acclaimed God status after she fired her dad as her manager and boy are there an abundance of reasons why on display here!

Okay bye guys, and sorry about the “precious apricots” thing at the beginning if you weren’t into that. But you’re welcome for it, if you were into it.