Friendmendations 7.26.21

we are living in a friendmendations world, and i am a friendmendations girl

Friendmendations 7.26.21

Hiiiii, me again.

Last week I tripped over my laptop cord, spilling water on my laptop. Extremely luckily for me, three things were true:

  1. Edward was a vampire

Sorry, wrong list!!

  1. The damage wasn't too extensive – I just lost my shift key – so I could back everything up before giving it to Apple to fix
  2. I have Applecare+, which covers water damage
  3. I have a backup laptop because it was too crappy for Apple to take it as a trade-in when I got my new one.

My backup laptp desn't have a very functional "o" key, which makes typing slightly difficult, but we are sldiering n as best as pssible.

I have been writing in between trips to the Genius Bar. I promise. Here are some recs.



Man, TV just used to suck ass. If I were having a 70s theme party, though, I'd project this vide onto a wall for vibes.

I just love her.

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